TerrainHub was created as a collaboration between Christian Olsen and the 3D printing company Northern Layers. We aim to provide low-cost, precise FDM and SLA printed models for tabletop wargames. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

TerrainHubs vision is to provide excellent customer service and help users expand on their excellent tabletop experience by providing high-quality prints without our customers needing to purchase a 3D printer.

We are 3D printing experts so you don't have to be, you order and we switch filament, listen to loud machines and curse over failures. This is our current setup but soon we'll be adding 9 Prusa MK3s to our setup with the long-term vision of full automation of the setup. 3D printing is about continual improvement and so is our company!



If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat, then please send us an email through form below.