Fat Dragon Games

We are Terrainhub are very happy to present one of our partners, Tom Tullis from Fat Dragon games.

Fat dragon games was one of the first major 3D model designers within the roleplaying community and we are honoured to be able to present their work for a community without a 3D printer.

As fellow nerds we have always been a fan of FDG’s terrain and loves the Dragonbite system which Tom from Fat Dragon Games have invented to make his dungeons modular.

If you are heavily invested in another system like openlock, it is still possible to find converters from openlock to Dragonbite.


We did a short interview with Tom Tullis from Fat Dragon Games:

First of all, tell me a bit about yourself

“My name is Tom Tullis, and I live in south-west Ohio. I started playing D&D back around 1979, and have been an avid wargamer since that time as well. My favorite games are OD&D ‘74/1E AD&D, Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, Wings of Glory, and Heroscape.” 


How did you join the RPG modeling community?
“I started Fat Dragon Games back in March of 2005, and we have been designing/selling print-and play terrain for the past 13 years. “


Why did you start modeling buildings and terrain?

“My previous business was military aviation historical publications, and I also served as the official profile artist of the U.S. National Aviation Hall of Fame for ten years. With a strong background in graphic design and illustration, I took those skills and applied them to my love of gaming and started creating 3D cardstock dungeons in the early 2000s, and eventually I started a company to sell them.”


How long does it take to model from start to finish?

“That all depends on the model, but most take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. Virtually all of our models are created in Blender.”


We here at Terrainhub welcomes Fat Dragon Games terrain, buildings and much more roleplaying and wargaming equipment which you can easily find in our category here.