TrueTiles is one of my favorite systems as it first of all got low walls that allows for oversized miniatures or miniatures that is in positions that is going outside their 1x1” border, but also because it got 1.25” squares instead of the regular 1”. This allows for walls to be added and you will still keep 1x1” squares as a minimum.

The idea behind TrueTiles is that you use these small clips to “tether” them to each other. All traps and doors are utilising the same clips and that allows you to dynamically add POI’s to your dungeon as you go.

Do your party discover a secret door? Just click it on and continue the path from the other side of the wall.

We have even stopped using the clips as it simply took too long to setup large rooms, but you don’t really need them anyways.

Now they have started supporting OpenLock which makes them compatible for a whole new range of products. It changes the formfactor of the tiles a bit, but interlocks with a whole range of OpenLock systems.

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I have talked with Ryan behind TrueTiles and the site and asked him a few questions.
Here is what came out of that interview.

First of all, tell me a bit about yourself.

"My name is Ryan Beasecker and I live Michigan (USA).  I rolled my first D20 in 1984 and I have been playing RPGs, Wargames, and board games ever since."

How did you join the RPG modeling community?

"I began making models for my own games, trying to fill in the blanks and rounding out my own collection of gaming bit and pieces.   Making these models available to other gamers was just the next logical step."

Why did you start modeling terrain?

"I mainly started modeling terrain and accessories because there were tons of things I wanted for my own game that just didn’t exist from any company.  Designing my own models allowed me to create the pieces exactly how I wanted them."

How long does it take to model from start to finish?

"The length of time it takes to design a model completely depends on the model.  A small model primitive might be able to be designed in an hour or two, but adding the detail could take several more hours.  I have done several model sets that I have well over a hundred hours in design work."

We are excited to be TrueTiles licensed printer and are happy to bring their products to customers without a 3D printer.


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